In Switzerland the main supermarket chain is called Migros.

World’s worse supermarket on-line shopping experience.

1. many items *in the shops* are *not on-line*

This is a real reversal from the normal situation =-)

2. To add more than one of an item to the cart, you must click once *for every one you want*. Want ten? click ten times 🙂

3. Looking at the cart? clicking on an item *removes it from the order*. Okay. This is NOT expected.

4. Want to change the quantity of an item in the cart? you can’t do it on the cart page. You have to visit EACH INDIVIDUAL PAGE and change the quantity by adding more items! one click per extra item – and I can see *no* way to *reduce* quantity.






Giving up with Migros online. Going to try Co-op.