Light’s Hope suck too

I’ve played for a long time on private vanilla WoW servers.

I was playing on Lightshope, but the server as I think happens with vanilla as it becomes older has more and more of a problem with griefing, and it became impractical to do anything except instances and walk around in non-PvP zones, and then a forum mod was an idiot (they all are in the end – they’re just normal people, and normal people have no clue how to manage responsibility) and that put me off more, so I ended up finding I just wasn’t playing.

But now I’ve finished my contract work and I felt like ambling around a bit on the new server, since griefing won’t be such a problem there.

I go to log in, but my account has been suspended.

That’s happened before – LH do it now and then for mysterious internal reasons.

Ltas time I posted on the forum, but the forum is down, because it was hacked some weeks ago.

I go the web-site, and look for what to do.

Page says : read this page (helpfully links to itself) and check your ban status page on your account (provided a link).

That link 404s.

Okay, so I try to log into my account and then look for a status page.

Username, fine. Password, hmm. Not sure if it’s the same as my WoW login password, or a longer version of it… but the problem is there’s a Google captcha.

They’re fairly broken. If you really need to complete it, you can, but not for something like multiple password attempts.

Okay, so I need to contact LH.

What’s possible?

Github, Reddit, Discord.

Github requires an account, and they silently don’t email you the confirmation email if you use mailinator.

Reddit registration doesn’t work in Pale Moon browser. This will be because the site doens’t target HTML, but instead targets browsers, which means Chrome.

Discord is the worst of them all. Part of what it is is IRC. You can log in with just a username, you’re presented with the most complex graphical UI I’ve ever seen. It’s like 1980 has returned. Now that’s one problem but here’s the real problem – without an account, you can’t write anything BUT IT DOESN’T TELL YOU THIS. You just sit there, looking at this bizzarely complex UI, trying to figure out which part of it is for typing, until eventually you realise *IT’S NOT THERE*.

I then tried to direct message a mod, to be told the message was blocked because of one of a list of possible reasons.


No go.

LH, you’re idiots.

Try using your own systems.