Amazon suck too

Amazon normally are okay, but occasionally they fuck it up.

I added a new address.

I entered the name, and phone number – they come first – then changed the country to Spain.

This wipes and reloads the form.


So I do it again, I hit submit, was asked to enter my password.

I did, which took me back to a now empty new address form.

Checked, and indeed, the address has not been added.

Then spent 10 minutes trying to find a way – ANY FUCKING WAY – to let Amazon know.

Eventually gave up and used the “suspicious email” option to email them.

Srsly, Amazon.

Web-site bugs fine, they happen.

Making it fucking impossible for people to contact you?

All large corporations do whatever they can to keep end-users as far away as possible.

Finally sorted out all this shit – why does every fucking order online take at least 30 minutes of frustration – and lo and behold, half the order can’t be sent to Spain.