AirBnB fuck it up even more

AirBnB have added a new impairment to their site.

When you log in, you enter your username and password.

Okay so now – knowing both your username AND the CORRECT PASSWORD – you now have to fill in a fucking Google captcha. And they SUCK. They really *don’t* work. Whatever AI Google have deciding something is a bus or sign or whatever is *no good*. Google captchas take *multiple* attempts to solve – five plus minutes spent endlessly clicking on a broken captcha for a *trivial* act. I’m not buying, I’m not paying, AND I know my username and password.

AirBnB is a large coporation, which is to say, it is corporately stupid.

There is a vast, unbridgeable gulf between whatever management imagines the world to be and so what they *think* they’re doing, and what *actually happens to end users*. So you get pure shit like this, and there’s absolutely no way for the insulated, encephalic trolls running AirBnB to *ever know*.