Booking flights, again and again and again and…

I’m trying to book a flight.

For as far back now as I can remember I have never, *never* been able to book on the first attempt – i.e. filling in all the forms *just once*.

I tried just now to book with BA.

Economy, but there’s real economy and “slightly more” economy, where you pay an extra 10 UKP and get one luggage and pick a seat.

I never want to pick a seat and I’ve always found the price of all the extra when I only want some to be less than buying them directly.

BA do *not* provide any information on how much the extras cost by themselves

I booked.

It rejected my card – told me it was not a personal card.

I changed it to business.

It then added a 62 pence surcharge for it being a credit card, which it is not.

I booked. I was rather unsure because it *looked* like you could not add bags *at all*, but I Googled and it is apparently something you do after.

So I booked, and went to add luggage.

30 GBP to have one more.


*90* GBP for two more.

Not okay and extremely surprising.

It’s only 11 GBP to have to “slightly more” ticket, which comes with a luggage.

I want to change my ticket.

You can’t.

I now need to cancel my ticket, which I do.

Fortunately I can do it on-line myself – I say fortunately because there’s no on-line chat, only a phone number which costs more than 1 euro a minute to call if you’re using VOIP (which I am, since I make almost no calls and don’t want a 12 month phone line contract).

The surcharge for using a credit card is not refunded.

I’m now going to book for the third time.

Fuck me.

I mean there’s enough fucking forms anyway and they’re awful to fill out but the place I’m at I’d be dying just to fill them all out ONCE.

Airlines -> you stink. All of you. Completely fucking incompetent at web-sites.

It’s not even the question of whether you’ve managed to make a nice site so booking is easy : it’s a question of HOW MANY TIMES I NEED TO REPEAT BOOKING BEFORE I CAN MAKE IT WORK.

I can’t find out from Googling what the price of extra luggage is if you have the “slightly more” ticket, so I’m going to book for the third time *just to find out*.

Fuck me.

Airlines. Desperately in need of competition.


Booked, third time.



Fucking Christ.

I’m practically crying.

If you can think of a totally obvious way in which it can be utterlly bollocksed up – THAT’S WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

“Hmm. I need to add more luggage to my ticket. What possible problem could be the worst thing that could happen? I know – there’s no way to add luggage!”

“What happened?”

“I bought the ticket and there was no way to add luggage.”

I’m writing it like it’s a joke BUT IT’S WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS.

Who the *fuck* makes these web-sites?

Who hires these people?

Who are their MANAGERS?

Who hire these fucking retard managers??!