AirBnB continues its strenuous efforts to destroy any lingering friendliness, sense and ease of use in its web-site.

The latest dribble of madness : the property map is no longer shown by default. You have to actually click to turn it on.

The larger a company becomes, the worse its product and web-site becomes – and we’re not talking a bit worse, we’re talking dribbling wall-to-wall madness.

AirBnB – 30bn USD cap – it’s a property rental site *and now the property map is deactivated by default*.

Every single fucking web-site user has to click, and wait, to turn it on.

As a reminder, AirBnB have also changed their site so they will *only* bill you in the currency of the country your bank card is registered in : and if that currency is different to the currency of the booking, AirBnB apply a nice huge conversion charge to your bill for the service they forced you to use. You are no longer permitted to use your bank’s currency conversion.

For me, I have a multi-currency card, and I get billed for free, with no charges, in any currency I like.

But not with AirBnB.