Barclays Bank

I had to write.

So, I have an account with Barclays, a UK bank.

I’ve been with them a few months – I opened the account after wanting for a long time to get away from my previous bank, but not being in the UK, I couldn’t. Yay for banking regulation.

So Barclays are no good.

I’m going to move on – to do that, I need to update my address at Barclays so I can present a proof of address to the new bank.

So I go on-line to change my address.

Ohhhhh boy.

Pulling on a serious fuckin’ thread here.

So you can go on-line to an address page form.

It says – this change only works for on-line products. It does not work for your bank card. For your bank card, please call us – and “call us” is a link.

You follow it, it takes you to a page where you can have on-line chat.

So you use it.

Guy turns up pretty fast, that’s fine.

We talk.

Turns out the “call us” link takes you to the *unauthenticated* chat, and they can’t change your address.

What they can do is tell you to go and use the authenticated chat.

They need to tell you where it is on the site, to find it, because when you click on the *other* “contact us” link, it only offers phone and secure messaging.

Turns out the link for “make a complaint” is the link you need to follow to get to the authenticated chat customer support.

You couldn’t make it up.

I would let them know, but there’s no point. Zillions of people are letting them know, every day. Nothing changes, because if it did, it wouldn’t still be like this.