Royal Mail – just when you think it couldn’t be less useless, it is

I posted a package of birthday presents on the 9th June, to Switzerland.

ETA 3-5 working days.

Ten working days later, I check tracking.

According to tracking (which I do not trust) the package has not left the post office.

I try to contact the Royal Mail.

The only way offered is an 03457 number.

This costs me 1.2 euros a minute.

I found a complaints form – which has a “my complaint is not listed above” which seems to lead to a form which is for reporting missing packages!

I fill it in.

It has a Google fucking captcha.

After several minutes of intense frustration, it completes.

I hit submit.

The form fails to submit, on the basis that the Captcha has failed.

I now need to copy everything I’ve typed, reload the page, enter it all in again, and repeat the fucking Captcha, and I presume, try to get it to work quickly enough that the form does not time out.

Royal Mail -> absolutely fucking shit.


Having gone through it all again, I have discovered Captcha authentication ALWAYS fails.

I am rather coming to the view that *all* customer support forms, from larger companies, do not work.

The attempt to use them should not be made.

I will phone the fucking RM tomorrow, and never ever have anything to do with them ever again.

Fucking hell.

(Addendum. I tried calling their cusomter support number, from home, since they close at 1pm and there’s no time to get into the office. I was afraid to do so – the VOIP provider I use has a major failing, in that they cannot tell you the per minute rate of calls *before* you make them. If there was anothor viable Swiss provider, I’d use them. I tried an alternative 0845 number, and also the RM head office number which is also supposed to work, but no go. So I tried the 0345 number, having logged into the VOIP account so I could watch the call in the call history and see the price. Turns out the call is not shown until the call is complete; but is *does* change from having no header to the list, to having a header – so I thought the call might actually be being free. It wasn’t. It was 1.20 a minute, I was put on hold because there were busy, and after emptying the balance in the account (there wasn’t much there, which is why I was okay to risk it) the call disconnected. The VOIP provider is shit, and RM are shit. Well done guys, you’re fucking useless.)