Paypal and the sharp pain in my head

Sequence of evets;

1. Ebay
2. Buy now
3. Paypal
4. Checkout as guest
5. Fill in shipping address
6. Fill in card details
7. Fill in billing address

Hit submit.

“Cookies are off.”

Why in the name of all that’s holy with THIRTEEN THOUSAND EMPLOYEES could you not tell me that BEFORE I HAVE COMPLETED THE ENTIRE BUYING PROCESS.

So then it became interesting. I had already tried to order once before and bailed, because I had seen I was paying sales tax – so I hunted down the retailer, which has its own site, checked it was in NJ, and so this time when I was ordering via Ebay/PP I was shipping to work in NY.

So I now given PayPal’s poor web-site behaviour wanted to buy directly – screw PP. They do *not* get their margin from this transaction from me after that!

I found the item on the retailers own site. It’s the same item – I think it the same actual stock item which is on sale in Ebay, because both on Ebay and the site it says “one left”. On Ebay, 95 USD. On the site itself, 78 USD.

Is that an Ebay/PayPal premium? like, I’m paying *extra* for this experience?